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March 31, 2007
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My "Emitype" desktop by manicho My "Emitype" desktop by manicho
:wave: my last of this month. :P

Themes: Eminence + Prototype, both mixed by me... emitype lol :D

I made a slight color modification too, coz I dont like 100% gray themes

Icons: Mixed
Miranda and wall: by me
Ieview: Smooth Operator
Wips: PowerDVD quicktime-like skin by me, Firefox Prototype skin by me.
Features: Spiderman 3 trailer and my brother bitch *Osox
Pics of me and my sis :dance:

I hope you like it!
Questions, comments and favs welcome.
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This is simply beautiful.

I realize I'm almost an year late on commenting this but I really wanted to know if you ever released the modded WB theme for download?

It's exactly what I've been looking for and the normal Prototype is way too dark for me. I even registered on DA just to ask you for this. Please tell me if you see this^^
can you please link me to the miranda skin you are using
can you please release it or upload it somewhere
manicho May 17, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
:Dmy miranda skin is the "glass" one i released here, or the "simple gray" skin, just delete the "bg.png" file or make it 100% transparent and bOOm, its done :)
i tried to make one from you simpleglass theme but didn't work out well have small issue with it
sorry its working fine now
I'd also like to request getting permission to release that theme mod (WB I hope!). It looks awesome. :dance:

By the way, what are you using for the timezone widget thing in the lower left corner? It looks really nice all simple like that, the one I'm using is a bit bulky and looking for something smaller.
manicho Apr 29, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
:D Thanks, is just avedesk... its a mod of Scott Evo's package, its released here on da i think? :| Ill have a look, coz i cant remember if its his package or not, if I can, ill send u the systats config i used on a note soon :)
No worries, found it myself [link]. Thanks for the point in the right direction though. ;) This config is so much better.
Zartheit Apr 13, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
I love it! *jealous* :chainsaw: :D

:heart: :smooch: :heart:
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